The Invisible Wall

I’ve been thinking about average lately. In my over four decades of dental laboratory “experience” I’ve seen lots of average; average dentists, average patients, average dental techs, and average dental work.

I can find no clearly defined borders to average. Is it the middle 50%, the middle 25%, the middle 80%? In 1977, in a forward to Dr. Peter Dawson’s book Evaluation diagnosis and Treatment of Occlusal Problems, Dr. L.D. Pankey said about dentists, “It has been said, and ...

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How to become a dental lab technician

Dental technicians create crowns, bridges and dentures after receiving an impression of the patient’s teeth from a dentist.  There are three main departments in a dental lab: Crown & Bridge, Porcelain, and Dentures.  Many dental technicians work in one department.  This makes it easier to become a dental technician because you do not need to learn everything, only a specific skill or group of skills.

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The New Contouring Posterior Bridges TechBook

We have been hard at work developing the Contouring Posterior Bridges TechBook.  The program has been available as a TechMaster module and we are excited to add it to our TechBook series.  The TechBook features 52 posterior contouring steps and over 180 full color detailed images.  We have posted 3 images on our FaceBook page.

The updated procedure covers contouring from completed buildup through secondary anatomy.  It has been tested and streamlined to ensure the most efficient contouring technique for high quality ...

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Why Pursue Continuing Education?

This article was initially published as an email in January 2011. I decided to republish it on the blog after receiving this email from a lab owner.


The article that you e-mailed back on 1-28-11 was such an inspiration to us here that several of us have gone on to pursue their CDT. We have three new CDT’s here now with four more studying for the tests. I printed and passed out your article back then to everyone ...

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5 Things Every Dental Lab Owner Should Know

As PTC’s Director of Training, I have trained hundreds of lab owners, and key  technicians over the past 10 years. I’m sure I learned as much from them as they did from me.   As I reflect back on the many concepts that we taught and learned, 5 concepts come to mind as some of the most significant in changing our thought process from stuck to successful.

1.  Productivity and quality go hand in hand and are not exclusive of each ...

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Increasing Skill with Precisely Defined Objectives | Primary Planes

Of the many unique concepts in PTC’s, I believe one of the most interesting is the primary plane.

I first heard of primary planes when I was introduced to PTC in 1983. I thought it was a very clever idea/concept, but I must admit that for nearly 15 years I really didn’t understand the true purpose of it.

Purpose of Primary Planes

Creating primary planes is one of the first steps in contouring wax or ceramic restorations.

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Business Principles from Successful Dental Labs

The New Year is typically a time when we reflect on the past year and, inevitably, thoughts go to what we wish we would have done better. The start of a new year is the Perfect time to put those thoughts into actions.

Success in 2010

This year, business is at the top of my list. Let’s not even talk about the economy. I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with all the facts and figures and doom and gloom ...

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Preparing for the Unexpected in 2010

The end of 2009 is near. Have you accomplished your last year’s New Year resolution?

Actually, I don’t even remember if I made one, other than the usual, “try to be a better example to my kids.” That one I routinely renew every year…

The problem is that a new year’s resolution is a goal and studies show that 2% of us actually have written goals. Personally I think 2% is a little high but I’m not an “expert” in that area.

Preparing ...

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