Getting Everyone on the Same Page

When I ask lab owners what the number one thing they would like to see happen in their labs they frequently say; “I would just like to see everybody get on the same page.”

What does getting on the same page mean? Group agreement and harmony? Everybody doing the same thing? Everyone creating consistent quality? Simply doing what you ask? How about everyone just stop making mistakes? I think it is all this and more.

Getting on the same page is obviously ...

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The Price of Genius

My Friends Thought I was Crazy

The year was 1983 and I was a one man lab living in the country on a 90 acre farm. I had a vision that I could build a dental dynasty in the wilderness of Willow Springs, Missouri so I purchased the PTC System. If I remember correctly the system cost somewhere near $24,000. Back then that was the cost of a brand new Corvette.

As I look back, maybe I was a little crazy, but ...

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Preparing for the Future with Dentures

Do you do dentures?

I remember being asked that question over and over again by prospective dentist clients. My answer over and over again was “No, But I Know Someone……”

Looking back I’m sure that having a denture department would have been the answer to growing my business. Attracting dentists by providing dentures is a perfect way to acquire new accounts that could eventually send their crown and bridge work.

the Future of Dentures in America

We are in a very unique period in ...

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Is it Art or Technology

When you step back and take a look at how we all have learned dental technology it is easy to see why many of us think of ourselves as “artists”.

Consider the following learning curve: The brand-new technician enters the laboratory for the first time and begins waxing a lower first molar.

He is trying to coordinate the application of wax onto a die, the various waxing instruments, the temperature of the electric waxer, and the anatomy of the tooth, all the ...

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