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  • A system developed by Dr. Edward Kennedy for classification of edentulous jaw conditions and partial dentures, based on the distribution of edentulous spaces. Class I is bilateral free-end saddles. Class II is a unilateral free-end saddle. Class III is a unilateral single bounded saddle. Class IV is a single bilateral anterior bounded saddle.

    A modification developed by Dr. O.C. Applegate added the classification of additional edentulous spaces. One extra edentulous space would be a Modification 1 (no Roman numerals). Two extra spaces would be a Modification 2.

    Classification is prioritized by the most posterior missing tooth. A case with a free-end saddle on one side and a bounded saddle on the other would be a Class II Modification 1, not a Class III modification 1. Therefore, there can never be a modification to Class IV.

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