Preparing for the Future with Dentures

Do you do dentures?

I remember being asked that question over and over again by prospective dentist clients. My answer over and over again was “No, But I Know Someone……”

Looking back I’m sure that having a denture department would have been the answer to growing my business. Attracting dentists by providing dentures is a perfect way to acquire new accounts that could eventually send their crown and bridge work.

the Future of Dentures in America

We are in a very unique period in dental laboratory history. We have the latest machines and CAD/CAM technology to create everything from all ceramic bridges to implant parts but at the same time there is a need for over 61 million dentures to be made by 2020 (Journal of Dental Education, 2007). That amounts to over 4,000 dentures for every laboratory in the US.

While hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on CAD/CAM and wax printers, only a few thousand dollars is needed to start a denture department.

PTC Creating Natural Dentures System

PTC’s Creating Natural Denture System can help prepare you to enter that lucrative market.

Based on the Swissdent System, our complete training system consists of a step by step training manual, 4 instructional DVDs and all the hand tools associated with denture set up and tissue waxing. In addition to the training system, we also provide hands-on 4-day courses.

Creating Natural Dentures will teach you step-by-step methods of producing functional and aesthetically pleasing dentures. These concepts and procedures enable you to produce dentures of the highest quality, customized for the age, sex, and physical appearance of the patient.

PTC has been developing and circulating world class training solutions to the most successful labs internationally for over 30 years. Let us show you how to take your business to the next level.

All the Best,
Jim Mahan, CDT
President and CEO

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