5 Things Every Dental Lab Owner Should Know

As PTC’s Director of Training, I have trained hundreds of lab owners, and key  technicians over the past 10 years. I’m sure I learned as much from them as they did from me.   As I reflect back on the many concepts that we taught and learned, 5 concepts come to mind as some of the most significant in changing our thought process from stuck to successful.

1.  Productivity and quality go hand in hand and are not exclusive of each other..

2.  Managing systems, not people, is the secret to growth and maintaining control in the dental lab.

3.  Having clearly defined technical procedures and precisely defined objectives is the only way to effectively hold dental technicians accountable for production and quality.

4.  A training system that enables you to rapidly train competent dental technicians  gives you the freedom to actively manage the business without the fear of loosing technicians or being held hostage by technicians you can’t afford to loose..

5.  A manager can not manage with their head down and their hands full, working at the bench.


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