Why Pursue Continuing Education?

Editor’s note:  This article was initially published as an email in January 2011. I decided to republish it on the blog after receiving this email from a lab owner.


The article that you e-mailed back on 1-28-11 was such an inspiration to us here that several of us have gone on to pursue their CDT. We have three new CDT’s here now with four more studying for the tests. I printed and passed out your article back then to everyone in the lab and then the fever hit. I’ve been working on my people to pursue their CDT’s for years but nothing inspired them like your words. Keep up the greatness!

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Everyone has a Reason

I can think of several reasons to pursue continuing education. You might want to learn a new skill or change careers; improve existing skills; increase your quality or productivity in your current job; learn a new technology in your field; prestige perhaps; you might want to learn to teach others, or maybe you only need CDT credits.

The # 1 Reason

I think every one of these reasons is good, but I believe underneath it all lies a fundamental that is common to all of them. That fundamental is increased control. No matter what your situation, whether you are an experienced technician, an owner, or someone new to dental technology, the primary purpose to invest in education should be to gain more control over your future.

As an owner, being able to better establish enforceable policy in a department can mean the difference between going to your daughter’s soccer game at 5:00 or having to work until 9:00 to get the last case out. As a technician, learning better, faster ways to produce can mean more job security and higher income. And, if you are out of work or are looking to change careers, learning the fundamentals of the craft is the place to start.

Take Control of your job, your business, your life

Whatever your situation, the ultimate result of continuing education should be gaining more control over your job, your business, your life.

PTC courses strive to provide just that. Every course begins from square one with anatomy and progresses in small increments to the highest levels of excellence. Using the PTC knowledge transfer techniques you learn the essentials of being a student, a manager and a trainer almost simultaneously.

You will leave our facility with the knowledge and ability to not only do it but also the ability to teach others to do it.

Sign up for one of our courses today to start putting more control in your job, your business, your life.

Learn to be a Dental Lab Technician

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