85% isn’t Good Enough for CAD

Where’s the missing 15%?

Lab owners, are you getting inconsistent quality from your designers? Are your printed and milled restorations coming out 85% done? Are your contouring technicians having to spend too much time adding to and reshaping milled crowns and bridges to achieve that last 15%?

This very thing is one of the most frequent complaints we hear from owners and managers. It is not uncommon for a laboratory to endure these problems for months or even years before they desperately seek a solution that is simple but not always obvious.

The simple but elusive answer is that designers do not know anatomy well enough. Taking an online course is certainly valuable but it is often not enough to give a technician the depth of understanding needed for fine tuning crown contours and occlusion.

This lack of anatomy knowledge is not only evident in inexperienced technicians, it is also a significant issue with experienced techs. In our hands on courses we have found that almost every technician, regardless of experience, is deficient in posterior and anterior anatomy knowledge.

The answer lies in fundamentals. Once a technician has been through an anatomy course and has a thorough understanding of anatomy theory, the most successful way to verify for the owner that the technician can apply the knowledge, is for the technician to create the teeth in wax. It is here that you have the missing element necessary to impart specific information and verify through correction and repetition that the technician understands.

A significant barrier to learning is studying without having the actual object you are studying. This training in waxing allows the student to precisely create the shapes to 100% and to learn the “why” of each individual contour and angle.

For most owners it is not practical to teach anatomical waxing. They either don’t have the time or trained personnel to get the desired results. PTC specifically addresses these issues in our 3-1/2 day Crown and Bridge Anatomical Waxing and Porcelain Application and Contouring courses given at the PTC training center in Morgan Hill. CA.

Please visit www.ptcdental.com for course descriptions and schedules.

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