Preparing for the Future with Dentures

Do you do dentures?

I remember being asked that question over and over again by prospective dentist clients. My answer over and over again was “No, But I Know Someone……”

Looking back I’m sure that having a denture department would have been the answer to growing my business. Attracting dentists by providing dentures is a perfect way to acquire new accounts that could eventually send their crown and bridge work.

the Future of Dentures in America

We are in a very unique period in ...

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Is it Art or Technology

When you step back and take a look at how we all have learned dental technology it is easy to see why many of us think of ourselves as “artists”.

Consider the following learning curve: The brand-new technician enters the laboratory for the first time and begins waxing a lower first molar.

He is trying to coordinate the application of wax onto a die, the various waxing instruments, the temperature of the electric waxer, and the anatomy of the tooth, all the ...

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