Dental Lab Technician Certification Clarification

According to the feedback I have received, many of you are interested in achieving certification in dental laboratory technology.  In addition to a great deal of study, becoming eligible for the CDT exam requires years of hands-on experience.  Your options may be explored at the National Association for Dental Laboratories (NADL).

PTC Certification

PTC is widely recognized around the world as the leader in dental laboratory technology training.  There are several ways for ...

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There are Plenty of Options for CDT Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Certified Dental Technicians (CDT) must accumulate 12 hours of CE credits each year to renew their certification. These credits include:

  • 1 hour regulatory systems education
  • 6 hours scientific or technical education, and
  • 5 hours of additional scientific, or professional development education.

CDT credits can be earned by completing technical courses, attending clinics, or completing online training courses or webinars.

Courses and clinics are hosted across the country throughout the year at participating laboratories, trade shows, and at companies such as Dentsply, Ivoclar Vivadent and Zahn, ...

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PTC and the CDT Exam

Have you considered becoming a Certified Dental Technician (CDT)?

Editor’s note: Here’s what a former PTC student and trainer, Tina Hoy, had to say about the process:

I had been thinking it over for a while before I made the commitment earlier this year. The CDT program is a certification program facilitated by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology (NBC), an independent certification organization, which was founded by the Continue Reading →