This 3-1/2 day hands on course teaches the fundamentals and advanced procedures necessary to produce a premium denture. Based on the Creating Natural Dentures training program, participants create base plates, esthetic control bases and at least one full upper and lower complete denture waxup.

We begin the course with Oral Anatomy and Physiology: In this segment we learn all the features of the upper and lower arch. We study only those muscles, attachments and landmarks that affect the fit, function, and esthetics of the denture. We have found this segment is essential for even the most experienced technicians. It is important to know that these courses are training courses, not lectures. We ask every student to repeat the information and spend the time necessary to ensure that each person fully understands and learns the information. Every morning begins with a review of the previous days information.

The second segment is Constructing Recording Devices. In this course you learn to create an Esthetic Control Base. (ECB) The ECB is a precisely constructed upper bite rim that is made to record vertical dimension and correctly position the anterior teeth with respect to length, gingival position, and lip support. The ECB is constructed so that the dentist can easily adjust the labial contour to provide precise lip support and facial contour for the patient. In this segment we also discuss the use of measuring instruments such as papillameters, alameters, and vertimeters

The third segment is Anterior and Posterior Setups. The basic process of setting a single tooth is almost always overlooked in teaching setups. In this segment we teach the 5 step sequence for setting any denture tooth.
You will learn three specific anterior setups that can be combined and modified to create any cosmetic effect. Smile design is discussed at length. The student is taught how to predictably establish a proper occlusal plane and set posterior teeth on a natural Curve of Spee in balanced occlusion. All decisions are based on a measured outcome so the student is never left to guess what to do next. A full upper and lower setup is created by each student.

The fourth segment is Tissue Waxing and Carving. The PTC denture is a premium self cleansing denture. You will learn a fast and efficient way to carve a natural looking, self cleansing denture base, using specific PTC tools and techniques. Students will tissue wax and carve the upper and lower dentures

Segment five is Finishing Natural Dentures Simplified procedures for deflasking, remounting, equilibration, finishing and polishing are taught. Since the dentures are not processed in this course, the hands-on portion addresses equilibration.

Course Registration Includes

Hands On Denture Course

Three (3) Online Courses ($176 value)
Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy
The Science of a Natural Smile
Oral Anatomy & Physiology

One (1) PTC TechBook ($199 value)
Creating Natural Dentures

Denture Instrument Kit ($300 value)
Full PTC Dentures Instrument and Product Kit

Upon registering for the course and paying the $3,000 course fee we will email you a course registration that will include information on air travel and local hotels.

You will also receive an email with instructions on how to load the online courses. You should complete the online courses before attending the hands on course.

Additionally, you will be sent first pour, full arch models which you will mount with opposing and bring to the class.  If you are unable to prepare your models for the course, we can prepare and mount them on an articulator for an additional cost of $50.00 each.

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