The methods taught in this 3-1/2 day course are systematic and incorporate precise step by step procedures that result in a predictable and manageable standard. A participant in this course will not only be able to do the work, they will also learn how to teach the procedures to others.

The course begins with a study of posterior anatomy and progresses through rough waxing to carving precise anatomical contours. This experience has proven to be essential for the transition to digital technology. Every consideration is given to ensure that each student is comfortable with the pace of the class. The course is composed of approximately 50% class room and 50% hands-on work.

Each student is given hours of individualized attention by the instructor. The products of the anatomical waxing course are a full anatomical upper pre molar, upper first molar and lower first molar. Each student also designs and waxes a 6 unit anterior porcelain framework with two pontics and four unit posterior bridge framework.

The framework design and waxing portion of the course is particularly valuable for ceramists that have never been waxers, and CAD-CAM designers with little or no experience in framework design.

All of the Ness Academy courses emphasize fundamentals, as we believe that the missing fundamentals in a persons learning are the very thing that holds them back from moving forward in their careers.

Dental Technician at the PTC Hands On Waxing course

Course Registration Includes

Hands On Waxing Course

Two (2) Online Courses ($78 value)
Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy
Simplifying Anterior Dental Anatomy

Two (2) PTC TechBooks ($298 value)
Crown & Bridge Anatomical Waxing
Framework Design & Fabrication

Waxing Instrument Kit ($132 value)
Full PTC Waxing Instrument and Product Kit

Upon registering for the course and paying the $3,000 course fee we will email you a course registration that will include information on air travel and local hotels.

You will also receive an email with instructions on how to load the online courses. You should complete the online courses before attending the hands on course.

Additionally you will be sent 3 first pour, horseshoe models from which you will create removable dies. You will mount the models with opposing and bring them with you to the class.  If you are unable to prepare your models for the course, we can prepare and mount them on an articulator for an additional cost of $50.00 each.

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