The PTC Ness Academy Ceramic course addresses both ends of the learning spectrum. As with every Ness Academy course these 3-1/2 day courses are suited for both the novice and expert.

This comprehensive course uses the proven methods of the PTC training systems. In three and one-half days you will study anterior anatomy, posterior anatomy, correct framework design, 10 essential components of smile design, precise porcelain mixing, advanced layering procedures, building to size, and fast and easy, step by step, anterior and posterior contouring.

The PTC Ness Academy Porcelain course is a comprehensive porcelain course that will meet the needs of anyone from beginner to accomplished technician.

Each student is given hours of individualized attention by the instructor. The products of the course are a completed six unit anterior bridge and a 4 unit posterior bridge.

This course will provide the information and hands-on experience to get started as a dental ceramist or give an owner or experienced ceramist the necessary tools to take their ceramic skills to much higher levels of quality and efficiency.

Missing fundamentals in a persons learning are the very thing that holds them back from moving forward in their careers. Every Ness Academy course emphasizes these fundamentals.

Course Registration Includes

Hands On Porcelain Course

Three (3) Online Courses ($127 value)
Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy
Simplifying Anterior Dental Anatomy
The Science of a Natural Smile

Three (3) PTC TechBooks ($497 value)
Anterior & Posterior Porcelain Application
Contouring Anterior Bridges
Contouring Posterior Bridges

Porcelain Instrument Kit ($390 value)
Full PTC Porcelain Instrument and Product Kit

Upon registering for the course and paying the $3,000 course fee we will email you a course registration that will include information on air travel and local hotels.

You will also receive an email with instructions on how to load the online courses. You should complete the online courses before attending the hands on course.

Additionally you will be sent first pour, horseshoe models from which you will create removable dies. You will mount the models with opposing and prepare them to bring with you to the class.  You will also construct an upper 4-unit posterior framework and an upper 6-unit anterior framework out of metal or zirconia.  Metal frameworks must be opaqued.

If you are unable to prepare your models for the course, we can prepare and mount them on an articulator for an additional cost of $50.00 each.  If you cannot provide your own porcelain, it can be provided for you at an additional cost.

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