At home or in the lab, get trained with PTC DVD Courses

Our DVD courses teach you the essential skills you need to be a productive dental technician.  Each TechMaster course includes the TechGuide and DVD(s). Choose one or all of our 8 DVD courses:

Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy

Anterior Anatomy & The Science of a Natural Smile

Crown & Bridge Waxing

Framework Design & Fabrication

Anterior & Posterior Porcelain Application

Contouring Anterior Bridges

Contouring Posterior Bridges

Creating Natural Dentures

The exclusive TechMaster System makes it easy


The TechGuide is the instructional manual for the course.  Each TechGuide includes:

Detailed step-by-step technical procedure
The same step-by-step procedures used in our TechBooks are now included in the TechGuide Instructional Manual

Complete instructions on how to study the course
Each TechGuide includes instructions on when to read the procedure, watch the DVD, study the learning drills, and do the exercises   We have taken the mystery out of learning to be a dental technician.  TechGuides allow you to progress through the course at your own pace. Multiple check off points help you monitor your progress.

Our new learning drills
Learning drills are visual guides that present a condensed picture of the essential information you have just studied.  The learning drills give students milestone markers on the learning roadmap.  Mastering the learning drills after each section verifies that you have learned the essential skills for each section as you progress through the course.

Written Exercises
Written exercises after each section of the course help you verify that you understand what you have studied.

PTC Demonstration DVDs

Each DVD shows the step by step procedure being performed.  The narration guides you through the procedure as you are watching.  Animated illustrations give you additional understanding of the essential steps.