PTC’s Triple A Smile Library gives you more consistent designs that match the patient’s teeth, and with less labor.

The PTC Triple A° Smile Library is a set of 5 smile libraries for 3Shape CAD Systems.  The 5 libraries are based on PTC’s popular training teeth, the Ness Teeth, in 5 stages of wear, making it easy to quickly pick the right library for the case being designed.

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Unlike other tooth libraries, since all 5 libraries were created from scans of the worn Ness Teeth, they contain all the features of natural teeth, even in the advanced stages of wear. With each stage, cusp and ridge angles are reduced, wear facets are increased, the occlusal anatomy becomes shallower and less pronounced, the proximal contacts are flattened, and the embrasures are reduced, just like natural teeth.  All teeth include a contoured CEJ for superior contours on subgingival preparations and pontics, rather than the cylindrical look of so many library teeth.  Each library still retains all the esthetic principles we teach in our courses, such as the occlusal plane, the curve of Spee and curve of Wilson, centrals flat to the front, long axes, the curve of the arch, the turn of the arch, and the buccal corridor. The 5 libraries are, in ascending order of wear:

PTC Ness Teeth

The PTC Ness Teeth library are scans of the large Ness Teeth that so many labs use as their tooth design standard.  Now your digital teeth can match your analog teeth.

PTC Youthful

The PTC Youthful library are scans of Ness Teeth that have been softened for CAM processing.  They retain all anatomical features of the Ness Teeth and have the same cusp angles, but pits and grooves too deep for milling have been reduced and softened to be CAM-friendly.  You’ll app

PTC Middle Aged

To create the PTC Middle Aged library, we took a full set of Ness Teeth and ground all the cusps down to about 20°.  Then we reduced the depths of the pits, grooves and fossae to match typically worn middle-aged teeth.  Finally, we softened and smoothed the anatomical features while retaining them all in the tooth.  The result:  A library that labs tell us they can use for 80-90% of their cases.

PTC Worn

The PTC Worn library is similar to the Middle Aged, but the cusps have been reduced to about 15°.  As always, we’ve been careful to maintain all the anatomy of the original Ness Teeth, resulting in library teeth that blend beautifully with the surrounding dentition.

PTC Ultra-Worn

Just wait until you see how the PTC Ultra-Worn tooth library blends in with those bombed-out cases you restore.  Rather than your technicians trying to blur out features from a typical library tooth, they can now drop in a tooth, size it to fit, and be ready to output a natural-looking worn out tooth that still contains its anatomical features!